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What are KNR Dogs, LLC hours of Operation?

KNR provides Pet Care Services 7 days a week. We reserve the right to alter hours and or services due to holiday, sickness or natural disaster. In the event alterations are required, all clients will be notified in advance unless absolutely impossible.

What is your payment policy?

All payments are due prior to services being rendered unless agreed upon in writing. Payments will be made in the form of cash, check or money order. Group discount rates are available and are arranged in advance. Outings, dog walking and "Scoops"  services can be billed on monthly or Bi-Monthly basis.


Will I get the same handler each time?

The Pet Care Handlers at KNR are a small, tight knit group that are hand selected and trained and tested by our founder only. (Handler dependent upon location) If for some reason Michael or Corrina  are assisting another client, or new staff is being trained,

( We are growing everyday thanks to our loyal KNR Dog, LLC consumers!!!) you will be notified in adavance and a zero charge meet and greet  will be performed to ensure your pet is comfortable as well.

What is your cancellation policy? Can I change my appointment time?

At KNR we are real people, with real life emergencies too so... we get it!  All changes without speaking with a member of our staff however, will not  be considered valid and you will be billed as such. Changes to schedule  or standing appointments with proper notice given and confirmation may be re-scheduled and are subject to  availability.

How can we get in?

You can call, text, email, facebook, BARK  whatever!  Once your preliminary phone consult is performed you will complete and return required forms IE: Pet profile, Client Agreement, Urgent Care Auth PRIOR to any and all services rendered by KNR Dogs, LLC Then...YOURE IN!!

How do you handle an emergency situation?

Emergency plans are an unfortunate, yet necessary course of action, each handler will obtain the pets KNR DOGS, LLC PROFILE CARD, (we prepare/provide at no extra cost to you) prior to each interaction/event with pets on their schedule for the  day. Information on such cards, which is provided by OWNER OF PET, includes but not limited to: contact phone #s, Vet information and Pets medical history, assuring Your pet can have services rendered expeditiously if need be. Clients will be notified IMMEDIATLY and with urgency as soon as pet is stable and or secure.

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